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File BPM Detection

Allegro allows you to analyze the BPM of audio files in a snap! With our file BPM detection feature, you can simply select an audio file and our algorithm will quickly analyze the BPM and provide you with an accurate result. Whether you're a music producer who wants to quickly analyze the tempo of your tracks, or just someone who wants to know the BPM of your favorite songs, our file BPM detection has got you covered.

Analyse the BPM of my files

Real-time BPM Analysis

With Allegro, you can now analyze the BPM of any audio signal in real-time! Just use the feature with your microphone and get it in couple of seconds. Our real-time BPM analysis algorithm is optimized to work seamlessly with the WebAudioAPI to give you accurate results as soon as the audio starts playing. The process is simple: just start playing the audio and Allegro will immediately start analyzing the BPM, updating the result in real-time as the audio continues to play. Whether you're a music producer who wants to ensure that your tracks are in the right tempo, or a DJ who wants to seamlessly mix tracks, our real-time BPM analysis will give you the insights you need, in real-time.

Detect BPM in realtime right now

Stream BPM Analysis

Allegro also allows you to analyze the BPM of audio streams in real-time! Whether you're streaming live audio or playing an audio file chunk by chunk, our stream BPM analysis algorithm will listen to the chunks and compute the BPM after about 10 seconds of audio. This allows you to analyze the BPM of audio streams as they happen, giving you the insights you need in real-time. With the ability to analyze audio streams, you'll be able to get accurate BPM results. Whether you're working with live audio feeds or just want to analyze audio streams, our online stream BPM analysis is the perfect solution.

Analyse BPM of a Radio Stream

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